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Murder Mountain Merch

  • $ 25.00

    Bug Jerome - Bee Sides Collection

    This is a collection of 104 recordings of original songs, uncomplete recordings, and atmospheric sounds produced by Bug Jerome with contributions collaborating artists that were recorded at the Murder Mountain Caverns, a house in bellingingham, south east asia, and mexico inbetween the summer of 2003 and the winter of 2007....
  • $ 7.00

    The Mission Orange EP

    The debut of The Mission Orange. With Marcus Nevitt on guitars and Sam Hutchens on drums, The Mission Orange is an incredible duo that will fucking rock you. Five Tracks. 1. Gone Away2. Live Long And Prosper3. The Answer4. It’s Clearly Him5. Top Heavy Murder Mountain Records 2007. Produced by...
  • $ 10.00

    Bug Jerome - The Halo Of Bees

    Bug Jerome’s first album. It is comprised of a variety of different recordings from 2004-2007, with a number of different friends and artists. It’s difficult to genre-lize, and it’s probably not your kind of music. 20 Tracks. 1. The Highway As Love and Dust2. Insomniac Creep3. The Detective4. Perhaps5. Fashionable...