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Murder Mountain Merch

Bug Jerome - The Halo Of Bees

$ 10.00

Bug Jerome’s first album. It is comprised of a variety of different recordings from 2004-2007, with a number of different friends and artists. It’s difficult to genre-lize, and it’s probably not your kind of music.

20 Tracks.

1. The Highway As Love and Dust
2. Insomniac Creep
3. The Detective
4. Perhaps
5. Fashionable Trash
6. Crawl In From The City
7. Pull My Teeth
8. Your Voice is Interesting
9. Who Are You?
10. The Get To Know
11. intermission : lullaby
12. Words Are Wasted
13. White Lines
14. Burn Out Cursive
15. Hot Butter Prongs
16. Hey There Heartbeat
17. Relapse Traps
18. Burt Beat Reynolds
19. Machine Eyes
20. Big Eyes, Long Fingers

Collaborating Artists Include : Taybot (Estrella), Shea Isely (Sweaty Sweaters, Karate Kitchen), Alicia Amiri (Sickness, Mallet), Carl Drechsler (Heroes Amongst Thieves), Wyatt Winston, Matt Hartgraves, Shawn Turnbull (Karate Kitchen), Philip Ashlock, and Richard Reeves (The Growers).

Murder Mountain Records 2007.

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