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Thea Rosenburg - Tricks And Sirens

$ 7.00

Thea Rosenburg brings an inventive and dynamic twist on the singer-songerwiter kick in her debut EP Tricks and Sirens.

Possibilities are explored with a experimental mindset and the album is decorated with a variety of backing instrumentation. This includes accordian, banjo, trumpet, violin, and flute, as well as a colorful spectrum of percussive noises like stomping, snapping, scraping, swishing, flute-boxing, washboarding, triangulating, as well as drum-set(ing)

1. Oh Heavens No
2. Red Shoes
3. That Old Trick
4. Sugar Or Cream
5. Knock On Your Door
6. Something You Say

Written and Performed by Thea Rosenburg and Guests.

Produced at Murder Mountain Studios by Bug Jerome and Thea Rosenburg.

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